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Videocast by Dar Wong

Weekly Videocast by Dar Wong

CPO Forecast Oct 5-Oct 9

Watch this week's videocast on crude palm oil forecast by Dar Wong, futures and forex trading expert.

The Borneo Post

The Borneo Post

CPO Weekly Roundup - 3 Oct

Read our weekly crude palm oil roundup report published every Sunday in The Borneo Post, Borneo's largest independent English-language daily.

Commentary by Dar Wong

Weekly Commentary by Dar Wong

Gold & Oil Markets – 5 Oct

The American payroll missed big in September and caused initial plunged about 300 points in Dow Jones benchmarks after release. The Dow composite index had ...

Commentary by Dar Wong

Commentary by Dar Wong

American Payroll Sinks Below Forecast

The U.S. adds jobs slower than forecast and put off rate hike pressure on market traders. China paces down in manufacturing at 6-1/2 low record. Japan...

Global Markets Analysis by Tony Tong

Global Markets Analysis by Tony Tong

Global Markets Analysis – 8 October

Read the global markets analysis in Chinese contributed by Tony Tong Keqiang of China. This report is in Chinese.

MPOB, ITS, SGS Reports

ITS REPORT - 30 SEP 2015

Intertek Testing Services (ITS) reported the Malaysian palm oil product export for September rose 0.5% to 1,532,966MT from 1,525,389MT shipped during August.

SGS REPORT - 30 SEP 2015

Societe Generale De Surveillance reported the Malaysian palm oil product export for September rose 0.7% to 1,552,149MT from 1,542,017MT shipped during August.


August palm oil exports at 1.60 mil tonnes, down 0.3 % from July. August palm oil end stocks at 2.49 mil tonnes, up 10 % from July. August palm oil output at 2.05 mil tonnes, up 12.9 % from July.


Bursa Malaysia Closing Prices

The CLOSING PRICE is the last price traded within trading hours and may differ from the SETTLEMENT PRICE, which is the official exchange-calculated price of the contract at the end of a trading day.

FKLI 10'15 1,682.5 -0.5
FKLI 11'15 1,674.5 -2.0
FKLI 12'15 1,662.5 -3.5
FKLI 03'16 1,636.5 -8.0
FCPO 10'15 2,228 -43
FCPO 11'15 2,238 -47
FCPO 12'15 2,276 -43
FCPO 01'16 2,307 -43
FBM KLCI 1,692.20 2.95
FGLD 10'15 154.55 -0.30
FGLD 11'15 155.15 0.30
FGLD 12'15 155.35 -0.10


Client Segregated Account Details

All client funds for trading are held in segregated accounts, separate from operational accounts.

  • Currency: MYR Only
    (1) RHB Bank Berhad 2141-2900-2150-81
    (2) Malayan Banking Berhad 5140-1139-7166
  • Currency: USD Only
    (3) Malayan Banking Berhad 7140-1100-6666
  • Currency: Multi-Currency
    (4) RHB Bank Berhad 6141-2900-0083-51

Please send bank-in receipt to or fax to 03-21817861


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Important CPO Market Data Dates

  • 10th Business Day of the Month
    Palmoil Stocks Data (MPOB)
  • 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th & Last Day of the Month
    Palmoil Export Data (ITS, SGS)