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Six Months Fee Waiver for Bursa Malaysia’s Financial Futures

One of the many types of futures products offered by Bursa Malaysia Derivatives is the financial derivatives. A financial derivative, as implied by its name, is an instrument that derives its value from an underlying financial instrument which may be equities, bonds, interest rates etc. These derivatives may exist in the form of a futures contract, an option, or a swap agreement. For this blog, we shall only discuss bond derivatives, specifically the futures on bond securities issued by the Malaysian government, or MGS in short.

So what exactly is a bond securities futures derivative? Let us answer the question by dissecting it into two. First, a bond...

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Spread Trading – The Best Kept Secret of Futures Trading


We have one of the most unique spread trading instrument in the world right here in Malaysia - Calendar Spread (CS). Many professional traders have been trading with this for years, but it remains a myth for ordinary traders, act now to find out why most professional traders choose spread trading.

The course is facilitated by CC Yong, he is a professional trader and renowned speaker in capital market, local and abroad. He is the founder of Straits Index (M) Sdn Bhd; a pioneer Investment Education provider and an Associate Participant of Bursa Malaysia Derivatives - Proprietary Trading Company (Prop Shop).

The course itself is very informative and practical because Yong is one of the few fulltime trader who is actively trading...

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New Branch Opening Offers

We are excited to announce the opening of our first ever branch in Penang on the 9th of May 2016. To commemorate the special occasion, we are pleased to offer a Multi Bonanza for all New Account Openings applied via our Penang branch.

Bonanza 1
RM1 Trading Commission for BMD Products

Enjoy RM1* in commission (inclusive of GST) for the first ten (10) BMD trades after the activation of your trading account. The client prevailing commission rate shall apply after the 10th trade.

*Not inclusive of exchange levies

Bonanza 2
Automatic Waiver in May and June 2016

Receive automatic monthly waiver during campaign period when you trade minimum 30 lots per exchange. For BMD products, automatic monthly waiver is inclusive of the...

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Malaysia Budget 2016 Live Updates


Source: Bloomberg TV

Source: The Star Online


BursaMKTPLC CelebTradr T-shirt Contest

Source by BursaMKTPLC

20 Fabulous CelebTradr T-shirt to be won every week!!

Contest period from 9th April to 4th June 2015 only.

Here's all you got to do to own one. All in just 3 easy steps!! 1) Register on BursaMKTPLC 2) Follow at least one CelebTradr 3) Create and update/maintain an active Watch list, Portfolio or Futures Trading Plan through BursaMKTPLC

Terms & Conditions Apply: • Open to Malaysian only. • Limited to one T-shirt per person. • Winners to be notified through email.

Watch "BursaMKTPLC: Tycoons on My Payroll (CAN)"

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