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Why You Should Consider Managed Futures Trading

Investors may use futures to manage risk of volatility as well as to speculate on profit opportunities as a result of market movements. However, futures as derivatives are sophisticated in nature and investors may find it a challenge to gain full benefit from these markets.

Therefore, many investors source the best professional talents in trading futures to pursue and optimize profits in the futures market.

Managed futures have thrived since the 1980s to the present day as a rational means to meet investment demands.

Institutional investors such as the banks, corporate and public funds have driven the development of the managed futures industry and have identified it to be an essential component of the well-diversified portfolio of which the trading activity is directed by technical analysis. The analysis includes historical price patterns which include moving averages, price channels and momentum systems.

Here are top 3 reasons why investors should...

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Futures Trading Tip: Investment Mindset Indicator

Knowing your investment mindset score before trading futures or commodities helps you understand your personal tolerance towards risk.

While your personality plays a vital position to determine your lifestyle as well as your decision on how you go about in life, how you develop and fine tune your mindset when faced with risks is what matters. Top investors know this and adopt it as a rule of thumb. It is one of the reasons their investment portfolio grows during economic boom as well as downtime.

Similarly, your investment mindset will project the direction to your behavior in your distribution of wealth and money across different investment portfolios. This will also affect your expectations of your time frame on your return on investments.

There is a saying that trading is about controlling two aspects – greed and fear. Thus knowing the type of investor you are will help...

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We Have Just Revamped Our Website

Welcome! We have just re-designed and restructured our entire Oriental Pacific Futures corporate website!

This website will include much more information that we hope will be of value to investors and traders.

Apart from the new layout, some of our new features on the website include information on Futures Education, Media, Products and Exchanges, Events and a brand new Derivatives Digest Blog!

Bookmark our main website, or sign up for newsletter (we just send occasional information) stay tuned to OPF’s website for more valuable information for your investments and...

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