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[CONTEST] Go Go Gold 2015

[CONTEST] Go Go Gold Campaign 2015

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Q1) How do I join this campaign? Do I need to pay anything to participate?

Participation is open to all registered and valid Clients of Oriental Pacific Futures during the campaign period except Local Participants. The Trading Account of participating clients must be active and funded during the campaign period.

Only FGLD trades are qualified and counted towards winning any of the Weekly Prizes or the Snowball Prizes.

Participation is not automatic. Eligible Clients are required to submit intent to participate ("Participating Client") by filling up the online form below this FAQs.

Don't have an account? Call Dealing Desk at 03-2181 8848 or send a request to open account via

Q2) How can I win a prize?

To win any of the Weekly Prizes, aim to be the first to generate the minimum volume in your chosen category every week. For example, if you are intent on winning the Category 3 Weekly Prize every week, you need to be the fastest two of all Participating Clients for the week to generate the minimum 30 lots.

To win the Snowball Prize, aim to be the first to generate 500 lots before the end of the campaign. You need to be the fastest of all Participating Clients during the whole campaign from 5 October to 31 December 2015 to generate the minimum 500 lots. Payout will be at the end of the campaign.

This is a real-money campaign based on trading volume with minimum of 5 round trips (10 contracts) per week to qualify to win any of the Weekly Prizes.

Q3) Looks like I need to meet the minimum 10 lots to win. Can I trade in one go or within 5 trading days?

It is really up to you. Winners are decided based on the fastest to accumulate the minimum qualifying volume in its category on weekly basis. Participating Clients can trade at any time during the Campaign Period but must make a minimum of 5 round trips (10 contracts) trades of any quantity to qualify for the Weekly Prizes.

Q4) What if I trade 5 lots this week and another 5 lots next week, is this eligible to win the Weekly Prizes in the RM100 category?

Unfortunately no, as you do not meet the Minimum Number of Lots required in your weekly trades, which has to be traded from Monday to Friday every week to qualify.

However, you do stand to win the Snowball Prize if you are the first and fastest to qualify for the 500 lots requirement during the campaign period from 5 October 2015 to 31 December, 2015.

Q5) How many prizes are there for this campaign?

9 x Weekly Prizes worth up to RM1,600

  • Category 1 Weekly Prize: The first four (4) fastest Participating Clients to trade the Minimum Number of Lots of 10 FGLD contracts during the weekly campaign period win RM100 in cash.
  • Category 2 Weekly Prize: The first three (3) fastest Participating Clients to trade the Minimum Number of Lots of 20 FGLD contracts during the weekly campaign period win RM100 in cash.
  • Category 3 Weekly Prize: The first two (2) fastest Participating Clients to trade the Minimum Number of Lots of 30 FGLD contracts during the weekly campaign period win RM100 in cash.

Definition of "Weekly" - The Weekly campaign covers FGLD trading days that starts on Monday and ends on Friday. If any of the day covered is designated as a market holiday e.g. Christmas or Deepavali, it only means that you have lesser days to trade for that particular week.

1 x Snowball Prize

  • Weekly Prizes without winners will be deemed unclaimed. The sum of cash from all unclaimed Weekly Prizes will be accumulated towards the Snowball Prize pool. The first Client to reach the minimum 500 lots during the campaign period stand to win the Snowball Prize at the end of the campaign period. Terms & conditions apply.

Q6) I understand that I need to achieve 10 lots weekly in FGLD to win a prize and have to be fast to do so. What if I am the first to achieve 30 lots in FGLD this week? Does that mean I can win RM600 for the week? E.g. 10 lots for RM100, 20 lots for RM200 and 30 lots for RM300...

For competitive fairness, a Participating Client may only win up to 1 Weekly Prize with prize money up to a maximum of RM300 based on his/her total accumulated volume for the week.

Q7) I am having Open Positions of FGLD with another Futures Broker for about 10 lots. If I open an account and transfer the 10 lots over to Oriental Pacific Futures, am I eligible for the Weekly Prizes?

The computation of the weekly trade volume shall not take into account the following trades:

  • Give-in trades.
  • Transfer open positions from other BMD Trading Trading Participant whom the Participating Client has an account with.

Q8) How much margin or deposit shall I place with Oriental Pacific Futures and the brokerage charge to me?

To trade Bursa Malaysia Gold futures (FGLD), Participating Client's Trading Account must have a minimum funding of RM2,000.00.The brokerage commission shall be at Oriental Pacific Futures' standard rate.

Don't have an account? Call Dealing Desk at 03-2181 8848 or send a request to open account via

Q9) How do I place an order or trades? Can I trade online or dial-in?

All Participating Clients shall place all orders through Oriental Pacific Futures’ online order entry platform and agree to call the Dealing Desk only when placing or changing orders in the event the online order entry platform is facing downtime. Orders placed by phone will be charged an additional RM2 per trade on top of the brokerage commission and shall be subject to prevailing GST rate during the campaign period, and may be subject to change at the discretion of Oriental Pacific Futures at any time without further notice.

Q10) Do you give trading advice so I can have higher chance of winning?

For competitive fairness, The Organizer is not obligated to give Participating any advice or market information except the last price traded and the margin requirements for existing or contemplated positions.

Q11) If my equity balance fall below the exchange requirement per lot, can I top up in T+3?

The Participating Clients shall at anytime ensure that the Initial margin for new positions and maintenance margin for existing positions must be maintained in accordance with The Organizer requirements, which may be adjusted from time to time without prior notice. Participating Clients may deposit additional funds for any reason, including to meet a margin call on T+1.

If the total equity in an Participating Client's account at any time falls below RM 300.00, The Organizer may liquidate any and all open positions and terminate that account's participation in the campaign. The account may resume trading in the campaign the following day upon regularize the margin to the initial RM2,000.00 per contract.

Q12) Where can I read the rest of the Terms and Conditions of the campaign?

Right click and download PDF Go Go Gold T&Cs

Contest Entry Form

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