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Spread Trading - The Strategy Secret Pro Traders Don't Want You to Know

Spread Trading - The No. 1 high probability strategy secret Pro Traders dont want you to know


Did you know that Malaysia is home to one of the least known, yet most unique spread trading instrument in the world called the Calendar Spread (CS)?

All Malaysian Pro Traders know that Calendar Spread is one of the most consistently reliable, potentially profitable, and safest ways to achieve real success in trading, yet still unknown to ordinary traders.

My name is CC Yong and I am a full time Pro Trader. I trade for a living, have done so for the past 15 years and I still do so until today. I would like to invite you to attend this Special Class Preview of my program where I will share about spread trading, particularly calendar spread trading, the No. 1 high probability strategy that I and other pro traders use to succeed in trading.

I invite you to attend my Special Class Preview at no cost.

Choose a date and register below.

Spread Trading - The No. 1 high probability strategy secret Pro Traders dont want you to know

About me

  • Fulltime Active Pro Trader.
  • Local Participant of Bursa Malaysia Derivatives (BMD).
  • Founder of Straits Index (M) Sdn Bhd, a BMD Associate Participant.
  • Speaker for SIDC CPE Course.
  • Local and international speaker for various financial institution.
  • Columnist for Sin Chew Daily & Money Compass for 10 years +.

So what makes Calendar Spread Trading potentially profitable and easy to trade compared with any other form of trading?

  • Lower margins to enter the market.
  • Reduced risk.
  • Higher return per dollar risked.
  • Take the gaps out of trading.
  • Also works in sideways market.
  • Persistent trend.
  • Preferred strategies of Pro Traders

There is a saying that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. So, is Spread Trading the kind of knowledge to invest in? Here is a sneak peek of my program's finer details:

  • Learn the advantages of spread trading.
  • Learn how to trade spreads, particularly FCPO..
  • Learn the required tools to start trading spread.
  • Learn when to use different spread strategies.
  • Learn risk & money management like a pro trader.
  • Learn how to start pro trading for a living.

Is this relevant to you? Come and find out.

  • Suitable for FIRST TIME TRADERS.
  • Suitable for CASUAL TRADERS looking to trade for a living
  • Suitable for PRO TRADERS wanting to venture into spread trading.

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