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Type of Indicators in Technical Analysis – The William %R

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The William %R indicator was developed by a famous trader and author Larry Williams. This indicator attempts to measure market conditions and prices which are overbought or oversold.

The William %R line always falls between a value of 100 and 0. In a chart where the William %R is shown, there are two horizontal lines that represent 20% and 80% – an indication of overbought and oversold levels.

The William %R is a leading indicator. This means the William %R line either touches the top of 20% or the bottom at 80% before the price moves. At anytime the William %R line crosses the 20% or 80% levels, it is an indicator to either enter into a long or short position.

In the illustration above you can see the market prices in correlation to the William %R line. At anytime the line crosses the 20% top level, it is an indicator to enter into a short position.

On the other hand, at anytime the line crosses the 80% bottom level, it is an indicator to enter into a long position.

The seemingly simple indicator is one of the most used indicators by traders due to it being consistent indicator in forecasting the market price movements.

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