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5 Things to Know Before You Start Trading

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5 Things to Know Before You Start Trading

Trading is one of the ways to make extra return of investments. One of the reasons that investors are also looking beyond the conventional investment such as stocks is because the yield of the returns and the time frame are not satisfactory and up to expectations.

Futures trading is one of ways to make high profits due to its unique leverage. This also at the same time encompass higher risks.

Thus before going into futures trading, there are certain things that you must know before you start.

1. A trader should always have a plan

Successful traders always have a plan. Before you start trading blindly, you should have a system or strategy of trading. You should have conditions of when to enter a position or exit a position. This will help you to have more confidence in trading. In order to do this, traders should learn more about technical and fundamental analysis.

2. Only trade money you can lose

One of the most common mistakes that traders make is that they risk more capital than they ought to. Due to the nature of high risks, it is smart to protect cash and have proper money management. The game is always trying to make more money than you can lose.

3. Be patient and learn to control your emotions

The famous saying is that trading is about controlling your greed and fear. There will be days that mistakes will be made, and you will slowly lose your patience and start to doubt your strategy. Stay on course with the plan and strategies you have decided to follow. Veteran traders have learned to trade without involving their emotions in their decisions.

4. Treat futures trading a job, not hobby

The truth is, if you want to be successful, you cannot treat trading as a hobby. It doesn’t mean you have to quit your job. What it means is that you have to treat trading like a job, to be always close to the heartbeat of the market and to be at the edge of news that will impact the market.

5. Keep learning and educating yourself

The market is constantly changing. Nothing stays the same, including strategies as they evolve over time. You need to keep educating yourself with the latest market news, psychology, techniques and methods if you want to have a cutting edge over other traders and make consistent profits from the market.


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