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OPF Millionaire Goal Club


OPF Millionaire Goal Club

About the Club

We aim to inspire and motivate our members to have goal setting in order to achieve peak performance. Through goal setting, we develop elite performance traders who create value for their communities.

This club is our way of saying that we would like to invest in you, because nothing is more important to us than seeing you reaping the rewards for all your hard work.

Welcome to the Club. Welcome to your benefits.

Club Overview

What is the Oriental Pacific Futures Millionaire Goal Club?

The Oriental Pacific Futures Millionaire Goal Club ("OPFMG Club") is a private membership club for traders and investors engaged in derivatives trading. The OPFMG Club is another industry's first from Oriental Pacific Futures, after having introduced the first Crude Palm Oil (CPO) futures weekly podcast in 2011.

What is special about the club?

Trading, like most other activities, is a personal investment of time and money and most often than not, is motivated by intrinsic desire for self-development and the satisfaction of overcoming challenges. The OPFMG Club is a dynamic benefit program designed to motivate and inspire its members beyond the average run of the mill trading expectations.

How is the club special?

Centered on its philosophy of "rewards beyond trading", OPFMG Club is the one membership that gives wings to fulfilment of personal goals while rewarding the journey with a host of privileges and unique experiences.

How does the club achieve its brand promise?

The OPFMG club has never been about being first, but rather, the most unique and personal private club. An OPFMG Club membership is your access to a plethora of benefits. Becoming a part of this private club entitles you to multi-reward point system, enjoy a leader board incentive that lets you choose your own level of savings in commission rates, receive discounts on in-house and affiliate programs and get invitation to members-only gatherings, trainings, forums and other exclusive events.

As a member, you also have the privilege to participate in our contests, trading competitions and club raffles and stand a chance to win great prizes. These exciting activities are part of our long-term commitment to grow and serve the needs of customers.

The Benefits

Club Benefits

Top 5 Club Benefits

Special Offer for OPF Clients

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Club Programs

Club Programs

Launch Offers

DealSaver: BursaStation Professional

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Special Offer for OPF Clients

To claim this special offer, fill-up the Club Membership Signup Form

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Minimum Requirements

The following are the minimum requirements to join as OPFMG Club member:

  • Trading Account

    You must already have a trading account with Oriental Pacific Futures.

    Don't have one? Ask our CMSRs at 03-21627861 or fill-up the open account request form online at

  • Equity Balance

    A minimum equity balance of RM5,000.00 for retail client or RM20,000 for Local Participant.

Fees and Charges

  • Membership registration fee RM100 per person.
  • No annual membership fee.

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Free membership registration is valid until December 31, 2012. Application submission serves only as a preliminary application. If the information meets OPFMG Club's membership criteria, a signup confirmation will be sent to the email account you registered with us.