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Becoming a Local Participant (Individual)

As part of Bursa Malaysia Derivatives’ liberalization initiatives to increase the number of Local Participants in the market, entry requirement to enroll as Local Participants are now made easier as individuals who are interested and aspire to be professional derivatives traders are no longer required to take licensing examination, or show the relevant academic qualification or industry experience.

Qualified professional derivatives traders who trade his/her own account or self-employed trader (proprietary) are hereby invited to enroll as Local Participant (LP) of Bursa Malaysia Derivatives via Oriental Pacific Futures Sdn Bhd.

Local Participant status is a non-broker individual participant of Bursa Malaysia Derivatives.

Your Benefits as Local Participant (LP)

  • Be your own boss – approach derivatives trading as a form of business.
  • Flexible trade anywhere concept – within or outside of Malaysia using Internet trading platform.
  • Flexible hours – you call the shot.
  • Entitled to manage your own portfolio, targets, risks and rewards.
  • Entitled to trade in all Bursa Malaysia Derivatives products.
  • Entitled to competitive commission and margin.
  • Real-time services.
  • Entitled to Exchange and Clearing fees incentives for 1,000 contracts and above.*

* Applicable to Bursa Malaysia Derivatives products only.

Minimum Eligibility for Local Participant (LP) Enrollment

Application for Local Participant is available to an individual who fulfill the following criteria:

  • Open to all nationalities.
  • Individual applicant must be registered as “Sole Proprietor” under the Malaysian Business Act 1956. Sole Proprietorship is defined as a business wholly owned by a single individual using personal name as per his/her identity card or trade name.
  • Individual applicant must be at least twenty one (21) years of age.
  • Individual applicant must of good character and has not been convicted of any offence involving fraud or dishonesty.
  • Individual applicant is not an undischarged bankrupt or presently undergoing any bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Individual applicant has a “risk capital” fund of such amount as determined by the Exchange.
  • Successful individual applicant is required to attend a 2-day familiarization program by Bursa Malaysia Derivatives (may involve a nominal fee).

Step-by-Step Application Guideline for Local Participant (LP)

Step 1: Engage Oriental Pacific Futures as your preferred clearing broker (the nominating Clearing Participant).

Step 2: Print out and fill-in the Local Participation Application Form.

Step 3: Oriental Pacific Futures to submit application to Bursa Malaysia Derivatives on behalf of Individual Applicant (1 Week).

Step 4: Bursa Malaysia Derivatives perform the documents processing.

Step 5: Applicant attend an interview session with Bursa Malaysia Derivatives (2 Weeks).

Step 6: Successful individual applicant to attend a 2-day familiarization program by Bursa Malaysia Derivatives.

Step 7: Successful individual applicant is officially registered with Bursa Malaysia Derivatives as Local Participant.

More Details:

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We are an equal opportunities partner and we welcome enrollments from all qualified professional traders. Please contact me directly for enquiries:
Ricky Chin

For corporate trader, please read the benefits, eligibility and step-by-step application guidelines to apply for Associate Participant instead.

Comparison between Local Participant & Associate Participant

Page last updated 16 February 2016