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Becoming an Associate Participant (Corporate)

Qualified professional derivatives traders who trade his/her own account as a corporation or body corporate are hereby invited to enroll as Associate Participant (AP) of Bursa Malaysia Derivatives via Oriental Pacific Futures Sdn Bhd.

Associate Participant status is a non-broker corporate participant of Bursa Malaysia Derivatives.

Your Benefits as Associate Participant (AP)

  • Be your own boss – carry out derivatives trading as a business.
  • Flexible trade anywhere concept – within or outside of Malaysia using Internet trading platform.
  • Flexible hours – you call the shot.
  • Entitled to manage your own portfolio, targets, risks and rewards.
  • Entitled to trade in all Bursa Malaysia Derivatives products.
  • Entitled to competitive commission and margin.
  • Real-time services.
  • Entitled to recruit a team of proprietary traders to trade on behalf of your AP-registered entity.
  • Entitled to apply for High Volume Trader (HVT) status with Bursa Malaysia Derivatives to enjoy rebates on Exchange fee incentives (must meet the minimum quota requirements set by the Exchange).

Eligibility Criteria for Associate Participant (AP) Enrollment

Application for Associate Participant is available to a corporation or body corporate who fulfill the following criteria:

  • A corporation or body corporate but not required to be locally incorporated company.
  • Meet the minimum financial requirements.
  • Presently is NOT carrying any futures broking business within Malaysia or licensed as Futures Broker in Malaysia.
  • For contract clearing, corporate applicant can be presently a Clearing Participant of Bursa Malaysia Derivatives or nominated by a Clearing Participant of Bursa Malaysia Derivatives such as Oriental Pacific Futures.
  • Corporate applicant is permitted to trade for itself only (Proprietary).
  • Comply with such financial requirements as are for the time being prescribed by Bursa Malaysia Derivatives.
  • Comply with Rules of Bursa Malaysia Derivatives or Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Clearing as the case may be, including any directives, notices, circulars, guidelines and schedules.
  • Comply with such other conditions as Bursa Malaysia Derivatives may from time to time prescribe.

Document Requirements for Associate Participant (AP)

  • Certificate of Incorporation or Regulation (Form 9)
  • Memorandum and Article of Association
  • Latest Audited Accounts (2 Years)
  • Latest Form 49
  • Latest Form 24
  • Form 13 (Change of Name)
  • Form 44 (Change of Address)
  • Board resolution authorizing application
  • Business Plan for at least 2 years
  • Group structure
  • Payment of Relevant Fees
  • Any other document that may be required or relevant to the application

Step-by-Step Application Guideline for Associate Participant (AP)

Step 1: Engage Oriental Pacific Futures as your preferred clearing broker (the nominating Clearing Participant).

Step 2: Submit application directly to Bursa Malaysia Derivatives (2 Weeks).

Step 3: Successful corporate applicant is officially registered with Bursa Malaysia Derivatives as Associate Participant.

Let’s talk!
We are an equal opportunities partner and we welcome enrollments from all qualified professional traders. Please contact me directly for enquiries:
Ricky Chin

For individual trader, please read the benefits, eligibility and step-by-step application guidelines to apply for Local Participant instead.

Comparison between Local Participant & Associate Participant

Page last updated 17 February 2016