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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply for a trading account?

To apply for a trading account, you need to fill up the following documents.

  • One (1) Copy of Client Information Sheet (Retail or Corporate)
  • Two (2) Copies of Client Agreements

Send us your contact details via the Open New Account webform and we will follow up with your request.

Kindly note that the Open New Account webform is a contact form and is not the actual Account Opening Application documents.

What are the required supporting documents?

For Retail Trading Account we require the following supporting documents:

  • MyKad for Malaysian (Front and Back)
  • International Passport for Non-Malaysian (Front and Back)
  • Latest three (3) months Bank Statement, Pay Slip or EA Form

For Corporate Trading Account we require the following supporting documents:

  • Memorandum & Articles of Association & Form 9 / Constitution
  • Latest Form 44/49/Statement of Particular
  • Latest Form 24/Annual Return
  • Board of Directors’ Resolution authorizing the opening of this account and naming the persons authorized to operate this account and their specimen signature
  • Latest front page of Bank Statement

Are photocopies of supporting documents required to be certified as true copy?

Yes, all supporting documents are required to be certified true copy except for photocopy of MyKad.

  Retail Application Corporate Application
Malaysian Required except for MyKad Required
Non-Malaysian Required Required

How to get my supporting documents certified as true copy?

All supporting documents must be certified as true copy of the originals by any Commissioner of Oaths in Malaysia, or the equivalent, should Commissioners of Oaths not a practice in your country of origin.

Is the information submitted via the Open New Account webform considered an application?

No. The Open New Account webform is a contact form, a way for us to follow up with your request, and is not the actual Account Opening Application Form.

What type of account can I open?

You can open either an institutional account or a retail account.

Which account should I choose?

If you are an individual trader (or co-joint with another individual i.e. husband/wife), then you should select Retail Account.

If you are trading on behalf of a legally-registered entity, then Institutional Account is for you.

How long does it take to open a new account?

Once we receive all of the required documents, we shall process your application and get your account opened within two (2) business day.

Can I transfer an existing account to your company?

If you have a trading account with Oriental Pacific Futures, you can transfer your position from another brokerage firm to us. To do this, you will need to write an authorization letter to your current brokerage firm requesting to transfer your position to us.


What happen next after I have opened an account?

Once your account opening process is finalized, we will provide you with an Account Code which you must quote in all your transaction with us.

You can then deposit the required sum for your trading into your trading account. Each deposit must be accompanied with proof of transaction, e.g. bank-in slips.

Is my trading deposits placed in segregated account(s)?

Yes. As legally required, all clients’ deposits for the purpose of trading are held in segregated bank accounts, separate from our daily operational accounts.

Where do I deposit the money to for my trading account?

Please deposit to either one of the following segregated bank accounts:

Currency: Ringgit Malaysia (MYR) Only

  • RHB Bank Berhad 2141-2900-2150-81
  • Malayan Banking Berhad 5140-1139-7166

Currency: US Dollar (USD) Only

  • Malayan Banking Berhad 7140-1100-6666

Currency: Multi-Currency

  • RHB Bank Berhad 6141-2900-0083-51

After you have made the deposit, send the bank-in receipt(s) and your Account Code as proof of transaction to or fax to (+6)03-21817861 for verification before crediting into your trading account.

How soon can I get the deposit credited into my trading account?

Your deposits will be credited into your trading account as soon as (1) the fund is cleared by the receiving banks AND (2) verified using your proof of transaction.


What are your commission rates?

Our commission rates vary according to trading volume and the type of trading service you require i.e. dealer-assisted or self-trading. Rest assured that our rates are among the most competitive rates around.

Contact us, use the LiveChat tool at the bottom right of this website, or use the custom rate quote form to request for our rates based on your trading volume.


What is the minimum initial deposit required in my account to trade?

Our minimum initial deposit is according to the requirement set by the exchange of each product which may get updated from time to time.

Generally a RM10,000 in initial deposit is recommended for trading the Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Exchange (BMD) contracts.

If you wish to open an account for lesser amount, you may inform our dealers by quoting your Account Code. To contact our dealers, call (+6)03-21818848.

What happens I have insufficient fund to cover my trading position?

You will get a margin call from our dealers to deposit additional funds.

If there is insufficient fund in the account after it is topped up during margin call, or no top up is arranged, all or part of your trading position shall be liquidated.


How can I withdraw the fund from my trading account?

To withdraw fund from your trading account, fill up the Client Withdrawal Form and submit to our dealers.

Step 1: Download the Client Withdrawal Form.

Step 2: Sign, scan and send the Client Withdrawal Form to our dealers via email or fax at (+6)03-21817861.


Can someone else trade for me?

It is recommended that you place your own orders through our licensed Capital Markets Services Representative (CMSR) (also know nas dealers). However, you are able to write and sign a Letter of Authorization to nominate a 3rd party to trade on behalf.


Do you provide an online trading platform?

Yes. We provide PATS JTrader, an online trading platform for clients to execute their trade orders. You can view and trade the following exchanges from within the trading platform:

Is the online trading platform provided free for client?

No. There is a monthly fee to use the online trading platform but may be waived if you reach a certain trading volume. Contact our dealers for the latest information at (+6)03-21818848 or use the LiveChat tool at the bottom right of this website.

Do you provide an online charting?

Yes. We have two types of charting that you can subscribe to.

The first is Bursastation Professional and the second one can be activated from within the PATS JTrader itself.

If you are a client, we offer the Bursastation Professional at a special subsidized rate of 45% off the Retail Price.

Do you provide mobile trading app?

Yes. We provide PATS JTrader Mobile.

Can the mobile trading app work on any device?

PATS JTrader Mobile is available for both Apple and Android devices.

What features does the mobile trading app have?

Some of the features of PATS JTrader Mobile are:

  • Direct control over trading portfolio
  • Ability to trade in multiple market and futures products
  • Real time market data
  • Faster trade execution which is crucial for day trading
  • Low capital requirements
  • Easy to open an account and manage account
  • No geographical limit

Is the mobile trading app provided free for client?

No. There is a monthly fee to use the mobile trading app but may be waived if you reach a certain trading volume. Contact our dealers for the latest information at (+6)03-21818848 or use the LiveChat tool at the bottom right of this website.


I chose self-trading retail account. What if I need additional trading assistance?

If you need any assistance or advice, feel free to contact our dealers. They are always ready to assist you. You may call (+6)03-21818848 or use the LiveChat tool at the bottom right of this website.

I read so much about spread trading on your website. What is spread trading?

Spread trading involves buying one contract and selling another contract at the same time and profiting from the price difference. It is called “spread trading” because you are trading the price spread between the two markets and are not necessarily concerned with the absolute price level of either market.

Why should I trade with OPF?

Here are 3 reasons why you should trade with us:

1) Personalized Services

We believe in delivering personalized value added services to all of our clients. Our brokers will cater to your needs and wants, whether it’s keeping track of the market prices or just giving professional advice.

2) Competitive Commission Rates

We offer the most competitive rates in town without compromising on our services. By trading with Oriental Pacific Futures, you get quality services at bargain rates.

3) Specializes in Crude Palm Oil Futures

We are the place to go if you want to trade crude palm oil futures because we have the physical market background advantage. As a joint effort with Tianjin Julong Group; a leading China-based company specialized in oil palm planting, vegetable oil processing, trading and distribution, we have in-depth market insights and recommendations for your investment assessment.

Interested to open a new account with us? Send us a request via Open New Account today!

If you have additional questions, call our dealers at (+6)03-21818848 or use the Livechat tool at the bottom right of this website. Alternatively, send us your questions via email at