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Right Mindset Vital to Excel in Trading

Kuala Lumpur – May 11 2011 – Trading is never easy.

Some said it is the hardest easy money to be made. Others said it is the easiest hard money to be lost. Whatever it is, many retail traders and investors are no more estranged from identifying various failing factors like greed, self-denials, inefficiency, ignorance, emotional influence etc when they positioned into the markets.

Trading in the Futures market especially needs high focus during the short market hours. Generally, most market players are self-taught by reading books and making researches, while minority seek the mentorship of experienced traders. In the past years, many interviews with trading gurus and experts revealed the 4 pillars of strength in market trading generally categorized into technical analysis cum forecast, capturing fundamental news, funds cum risk management and lastly, psychology tuning.

Many old schools of teachings would start the lessons from imparting to learners the technical trading skills, then follow by risk management. In current economy, new schools of thoughts will begin by adjusting the mental preparation of trader-wannabes before taking them into the real markets.

It is true that many people will build dreams of making million bucks when they first open a trading account. Never have they expected the tough challenges of handling floating losses and facing realized losses when these dreams turn into nightmare! Therefore, it is always important to understand the risk and prepare for the worst situation to happen in market against your favor, thereafter turn them around into your favor. However, this requires your initial mind-mapping and simulation to handle risk factors before you walk into the financial battle fields.

On coming 15 May, Oriental Pacific Futures (OPF) Sdn Bhd will host a free seminar in collaboration with The Borneo Post as its media sponsor. OPF has specially invited DAR Wong, who is the popular columnist of The Borneo Post, to be the speaker for this empowering event.

OPF is a licensed trading member of Bursa Malaysia that is eligible to facilitate e-trading or desk-dealing for their approved customers in Malaysia’s Futures instruments including CPO Futures. Beside this, OPF Sdn Bhd is also one of the few approved licensed firms in Malaysia that can provide trading facilities to U.S. Futures markets.

Widely known to many Sarawakians, DAR Wong is a professional trader for 22 years and has been involved in advising many hedging activities, financial trainings and contributing financial opinions in media channels. This time, he will share with the audiences on how to prepare your mindset and develop the right values to become a successful trader. During this event, he will also cover the opportunity of our local Crude Palm Oil (CPO) markets and how a retail trader can conduct short-term trading to make regular fast profits with controlled risk.

For more details, log on to for more information and registration.

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Oriental Pacific Futures is a Malaysia-based brokerage authorized to provide futures broking services to institution and private clients since 2007. Oriental Pacific Futures is a registered trading participant of Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Berhad and licensed clearing member of the Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Clearing Berhad. OPF specializes in futures broking, particularly Crude Palm Oil futures (FCPO) traded on Bursa Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. In 2010, OPF was one of the nine Malaysian futures brokers to receive recognition by the National Futures Association to solicit and accept orders and customer funds directly from US customers as permitted by the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission through the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Visit