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Smart Investing Leads the New Year’s Resolutions List in Current Economic Wealth Opportunity Insight with DAR Wong and Helen Ong


Wealth Opportunity Event with DAR Wong and Helen Ong

Kuala Lumpur – December 17, 2010 – With the economic instability all around the world, more and more people are looking into wealth creation and to expand their portfolio in various means necessary. Some invest in real estate; some put their money in equities while others have ventured into commodities and derivatives such gold, futures and crude palm oil. This is evident with the rise and introduction of wealth creation books, seminars and courses on how to better a person’s investments.

One of the financial instruments for higher return of investment is by trading derivatives of futures and commodities. Future broker Oriental Pacific Futures recognizes the need for this knowledge of wealth creation and thus will organize an event to further educate the public in this area, entitled ‘The Most Explosive Wealth Opportunity 2011’. The event will feature veteran investment speakers from Singapore, DAR Wong and Helen Ong.

Speaker DAR Wong has 20 years of trading experiences in global derivatives. His past employment records started from Bank of America Futures Inc in 1989, thereafter followed by Bankers Trust Futures Inc, Barclays ZW Futures Inc and as a senior trader with SB Shearson (Citigroup). Currently, besides writing as a investment and trading columnist for The Borneo Post and financial magazine The Trader’s Journal, he conducts futures market education to the public and speaks in seminars covering 7 countries. DAR has groomed many successful traders in leveraged trading.

Speaker Helen Ong is a post-graduate in strategic marketing from Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK) and serves as a top-recognized speaker of Chinese metaphysics in Singapore. She is a returned speaker for the OCBC Securities Annual Event and favorite presenter in Share Investor seminar for a few years.

The event will be held at Bursa Malaysia at Bukit Kewangan and is open to the public free of charge. Admission is by registration only as the seating capacity is limited. Interested parties may visit to register online.

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